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  • PoE Power Supply Inserter, Active Splitter, 12 VDC

The active POE splitter from Laird Technologies gives “carrier class”performance in a low cost system. With its IEEE 802.3af compatibility andadvanced auto-sensing algorithm it will accept POE power from any IEEE802.3af router or power supply. The overload and short circuit protection willshut down power immediately when a short circuit is detected without anydamage to the POE system.
Using power over ethernet to power remote devices has several advantages including;

  • • The power supply can be centrally located where it can be attached to an uninterruptible power supply.
  • • Power can be supplied over long distances, up to 300 feet.
  • • Power can be available wherever network access is available
  • • The user has the ability to easily power on reset the attached equipment from a remote location.The active POE splitter from Laird Technologies can be used by the originalequipment manufacturer to supply power to remote equipment and deviceswithout the expense of building in separate POE functionality into theirequipment. These devices are a good fit for the industrial market for sensing and remote video applications.
      Features and Benefits:
    • IEEE 802.3af power over ethernet active splitter
    • Choice of 5, 9, 12 or 24VDC regulated power
    • 100MOhm / 1000VDC isolation
    • Advanced auto-sensing intelligent algorithm
    • Overload and short circuit protection
    • Advanced switching technology – runs cool
    • Complies with IEEE 802.3af POE standard
    • FCC and CE approved
    • Compatible with IEE 802.3af routers including Cisco and Netgear
    • Remote routers, access points and bridges
    • Remote networking equipment
    • SOHO equipment
    • IP camera systems
    • VOIP systems
    • IP phone systems
    • Input Voltage: 36 to 60VDC
    • Output Voltage: POE-24s 24VDC @ .5A
    • Output Ripple: 1% Max
    • Switching Frequency: 100KHz Typ
    • Line Regulation: +/- 0.5%
    • Load Regulation: +/- 1%
    • Isolation Voltage: 1000VDC
    • Isolation Resistance: 100M Ohms (min)
    • Input Set Class Resistance: 25K Ohms
    • Operating Temperature: -10 to +60 deg C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 to +85 deg C
    • Operating Humidity: 5% to 90% non condensing
    • Size: 3.25” x 3” x 1.5” (83 x 76 x 38mm)
    • Weight: 4.6oz (130gm)
    • Data/POE IN Conn.: RJ45 Socket
    • Data OUT Conn.: 12” Cable with RJ45 Plug
    • VDC OUT Conn.: 12” Cable with 5.5 x 2.1 x 12mm Adapter Plug

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PoE Power Supply Inserter, Active Splitter, 12 VDC

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