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The PAWOD24 series Omni Directional Antennas are made from sealed UV Stablilized Fiberglass with stainless steel base. The 12dBi features a 3 degree electrical downtilt.

Antennas are supplied with stainless steel mounting bracket and hardware for 1" to 2" OD pole..

The 9dBi with 7 deg electrical downtilt is perfect for close-in systems such as apartment complexes, neighborhood networks, industrial campuses, mobile home parks, marinas, truck stops, shopping centers, etc.

The 7dBi has a 5 Deg Electrical Downtilt standard which is perfect for close-in wireless systems such as apartment complexes. Because of their unique high performance design which eliminates nulls, they can be used in a wide variety of wireless systems.

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2.4GHz 9dBi Omnidirectional Antenna

  • Product Code: OD24-9
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  • US$52.84